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Our clients are more than just clients, we regard them as friends and also business partners. Working closely together to achieve the same end result. With the priority being to keeping their employees safe and healthy, we also like to increase their productivity, improve their business performance in terms of operations, their profitability, management, structure and strategy.


“Thompson Welding & Construction worked with Neil Ahitan for a number of years on a major Civil Construction project in London. Neil provided exceptional Health and Safety management for the project which spanned 5+ locations across central London. He is highly knowledgeable in high-risk marine and tunneling environments - his knowledge in his field is second to none. Neil developed an excellent rapport with all members of the Principal Contractor’s delivery teams as he is personable, communicates effectively and works effortlessly with all stakeholders from Senior Management through to the workers on the ground. He was always extremely dedicated, had a positive upbeat 'can attitude making him approachable and well-liked by all on the project. When matters did arise, he always managed them in a swift. practicable and cost-effective manner.  I would highly recommend Neil Ahitan to other contractors and will certainly draw upon his services again in the near and distant future.”

Natalie Thompson - TWC Director

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