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At BlueBay we pride ourselves on our personal approach and our attention to detail , to ensure all of your companies risks are mitigated. One of our consultants will conduct a careful, thorough and comprehensive inspection of your workplace, identifying all the risks associated with your operations. 

These will be categorized and any potential hazards will be identified, using the hierarchy of control to mitigate them and recommendations provided to realise a risk free environment.  

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To complement our risk assessments Bluebay can provide you and your company with comprehensive and detailed method statements, covering all your activities. The Method Statements will not only state what is being done, but outline how it is to be done.  

Method Statements are the key document to build site and workplace health and safety detailing the equipment used and the process to be followed. 

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To ensure your employees have a well rounded view of your organization's health and safety, we can assist with the writing of both your policies and procedures.


Policy - Sets out the general guidelines that outline the organisations plan. It will help your organisations vision and values and the day to day operations. 


Procedure - This will explain the plan for carrying out the policy. It will help your employees to deal with a situation.

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Our audits are tailored to meet the precise needs of our clients. These can be simple inspections of the premises or sites and a review of current health and safety documentation, to reviews of management systems.

An action plan report will be produced detailing all observations with if any recommendations. Providing guidance on the actions and what improvements require prioritizing.   


All audits are conducted according to the requirements of UK laws and the principles contained within the Health & Safety Executive’s guidance on management systems (HS(G)65).


Construction sites as well as workplaces can be hazardous places to work, but often hazards and risks are missed. to mitigate these risks Bluebay's SME will conduct workplace inspections at regular intervals to ensure your employees are free from harm.


Reports will be generated from the inspections and submitted with corrective actions, we can also provide structured TBT's and PowerPoint presentations to highlight the hazards and how they can be avoided.     


How you respond and how best you cope to an emergency or crisis situation depends on the gravity of the problem and your ability to understand the situation.  

Being able to understand the state of affairs and make rational decisions during times of uncertainty can prove to be difficult.  


Bluebay will help your company understand potential risk and to make calculated decisions for the wellbeing of your employees. 


Your employees are your biggest asset so keeping them both physically and mentally fit and well at work is beneficial for any employer. 

Bluebay's OH professionals aim to find out what impact work has on your employees health and make sure that they are fit to undertake the role they are employed to do, physically, mentally and emotionally.

We can provide varied OH services, from pre-employment assessments to health, lifestyle and wellbeing initiatives which assist in staff retention.  


Bluebay's Occupational Hygienist will anticipate, recognize, evaluate and control the health hazards in your working environment. Our object is to protect your employees health and well-being and potentially safeguard the community at large. 

Through our rigorous processes we will recommend measures to reduce, minimize and or eliminate exposure to these workplace hazards    

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Bluebay Ventures believe that training your employees strengthens those skills that they already posses. It improves employee retention and aids company growth, which is all part of Bluebay's philosophy. 


We have an extensive training network with experienced and qualified training providers, all of which are accredited.

We can provide such courses as IOSH, NEBOSH, First Aid, Manual Handling.      


As an employer and company owner you may not regard engineering a requirement for your scope of work, but projects may not be as straight forward as you think, they may require multiple steps and some creative thinking. 

Bluebay's engineering may just be the solution you are looking for to solve the problem.

Whether it be site layouts to maximize space and minimize exposure to occupational hazards or more complex solutions such as lift plans to accompany you method statements and risk assessments Bluebay are here to assist. 

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